Sustainability Policy

    ARIA RESORT & SPA HOTEL started to serve in 2021 on the seafront of Alanya Konakli beach, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. It is built on a total area of 14.750 m² and offers ultra all-inclusive concept with 293 rooms.

    It is located between the sea and the sky, where you will experience every shade of blue and combine panoramic sunsets with unique holiday memories. ARIA RESORT & SPA offers its guests a friendly environment with its special architecture, stylish and modern rooms.

    ARIA RESORT & SPA, which focuses on guest satisfaction, offers its valued guests comfort, flavour and entertainment at the same time.

    On site;

    • 3 restaurants in total: Main restaurant, Pera A’la Carte and Bosphorus A’la Carte,
    • 4 pools in total, 1 aqua pool and 1 indoor pool,
    • There are 5 bars in total where soft, hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served.

    Our ARIA RESORT & SPA hotel, which opens in April every year, closes in November every year.

    As ARIA RESORT & SPA HOTEL, we have started our sustainability studies as of 2023. This sustainability report includes data from 2023-2024.

    • Our goal is to keep the satisfaction of our guests at the highest level by providing the best service in the best quality in line with legal requirements with all our teammates. In this direction, we aim to share the progress we have made in the name of sustainability with our management, teammates, guests, suppliers and all other partners, thus increasing awareness on sustainability and achieving the goals we have set.
    • We develop our targets in line with the principle of continuous improvement, taking into account the changing conditions of today, being aware of the responsibilities brought by sustainable tourism. We continue our efforts for the most efficient use, protection and transfer of our resources to future generations.

    In this direction;

    • By raising awareness on sustainability,
    • By supporting local development and local economy,
    • By ensuring local employment without discrimination on issues such as gender inequality, race, special and vulnerable groups,
    • By doing social work both within the facility and with the local community,
    • By increasing the awareness of our natural, cultural and historical values,
    • By keeping guest satisfaction at the highest level,
    • By working to reduce environmental impacts by using our resources efficiently

    We apply sustainable tourism principles.

    We know our responsibilities towards nature. Therefore, we carry out a number of studies in line with the principles of sustainable tourism in our facility.

    Some of the work we have done for this purpose is listed below.


    Waste management; minimisation of domestic, medical, hazardous and non-hazardous etc. wastes, collection and reduction of wastes at source according to their characteristics and type, recovery, temporary storage, recycling, disposal, monitoring, control and supervision activities after disposal.

    As ARIA RESORT & SPA HOTEL, we primarily aim to reduce waste at its source. We regularly provide the necessary trainings to all our team members on environment and waste management. We request support from both our teammates and our guests in this regard.



    We enable our guests and employees to separate waste at the source with waste separation units located at various points of our facility. These are

    • 1 personnel area,
    • 1 A block door entrance,
    • 1 B block door entrance,
    • 2 aqua pool sides,
    • 1 relax poolside,
    • 1 beach,
    • There are 8 waste separation areas in our facility, including 1 pier entrance.


    Boxes for waste batteries have been provided in guest and employee areas. Waste batteries are collected and delivered to TAP.


    We ensure the management of vegetable waste oils from formation to disposal without harming the environment and human health. For this purpose, there are 2 oil traps in our hotel and vegetable waste oils and pulps generated as a result of production are recycled by raising awareness of our employees.



    We aim to reduce the amount of packaging waste by preferring industrial products instead of disposable packaged products as much as possible.



    • We aim to reduce paper consumption by transferring the processes of our hotel to digital environments.
    • Office employees in our hotel have the opportunity to carry out many activities electronically using computers and local network. Work and correspondence are carried out electronically, except for works requiring signature.
    • Whenever possible, double-sided paper is used on suitable printers.
    • Any malfunction in the hotel is reported to the relevant department electronically.
    • In the offices, papers are not thrown into the rubbish bin, but into the recycling bin.



    • We ensure that our employees receive regular training on the acceptance, storage and use of all chemicals used in our facility.
    • We are sensitive about the correct adjustment of the amount of use, the place of use and the use of personal protective equipment.
    • We provide up-to-date MSDSs and ensure that they are available in the relevant departments and areas.
    • We mostly prefer concentrated products for waste packaging reduction.
    • We deliver the contaminated packaging to licensed companies in accordance with the regulations.



    • We aim to reduce energy consumption with our energy saving efforts.
    • We manage the energy saving process with the help of both our staff and our guests.
    • It is taken into consideration that the products and/or services to be purchased are local producers.
    • By prioritising the purchase of products with low energy and water consumption during production, carbon emissions from purchasing are minimised.
    • For now, we aim to save water by placing water dispensers in the staff areas.
    • Double glazing is preferred for thermal insulation in windows used in rooms and general areas.
    • It is aimed to reduce electricity consumption by using economical lighting elements in our facility areas.
    • It is aimed to prevent unnecessary water and electricity consumption by using photocells in general areas.
    • A card system is used in the rooms, and there is a switch on the balcony doors to deactivate the air conditioning system when opened.
    • Protective and preventive maintenance of the cold room and all devices are carried out on time.
    • Televisions and minibars used in the rooms of our hotels have low energy consumption.
    • The mini bars in the guest rooms are positioned away from direct sunlight to prevent heating.
    • Towel and bed linen changes in the rooms are carried out in line with guest requests and guests are informed about this issue. If the guest does not request, towels and sheets are changed every two days.
    • Low flow special faucets are preferred in the room bathroom sinks. All faucets are with aerator.
    • Low flow special shower heads are preferred in room showers. All shower heads have aerators.
    • Waste water of all our hotels is connected to Waste Water Treatment Plants.
    • Sprinkler and drip irrigation methods are used in garden irrigation, thus saving water.
    • Regular trainings are given on environmental and energy saving issues.



    We sew cleaning cloths from discarded towels that cannot be used (torn, stained, etc.). We also sew pillowcases for guests to use from our torn and old sheets. In this way, we both make use of discarded towels and sheets without throwing them away and make a recycling project.



    We are aware of the critical importance of the employee factor in ensuring tourism quality. The success of businesses is directly proportional to the value given to employees.

    As ARIA RESORT & SPA HOTEL, we act with the awareness that we are valuable with our employees and we add value to our stakeholders with the principle of ‘Happy Teammate Happy Guest’. Starting from the environment we offer to our employees, our main goals are to ensure continuous improvement in social and fringe benefits, rewards, training and career management, and employee safety. In this direction, we do not see our employees as resources, but as assets.

    In line with our Human Values policy, Aria Resort & Spa Hotel defines the principle of ‘equality of opportunity’ as providing equality and equal treatment to all employees without discrimination based on gender, religion, language, age, belief, sect, ethnic origin, race, physical disability and nationality, without artificial barriers, prejudices and preferences.

    We provide all kinds of support to our employees in their career development and offer employment opportunities, including management positions, without discrimination.

    Benefits Offered by Our Company;

    • Birthday cake for staff
    • Ramadan parcel or cheque assistance
    • Reward and social assistance
    • Right to advance withdrawal
    • Vocational training support
    • Gram gold gift to the staff of the month
    • Various entertainments for the staff (end of year night, barbecue party, etc.)


    • During the winter period, our employees received English language training.
    • Some of our employees’ children or themselves received tuition support payments.


    We have been supporting the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralytics Association’s Lid Collection Project with our guests since 2021.


    The Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognised voluntary awards for beaches, marinas and tourism boats. To qualify for the Blue Flag, a set of stringent environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained. We update our certificate every year by fulfilling the requirements of the criteria.


    • Our hotel, which is aware of its responsibility to nature, tries to fulfil this responsibility every year both with its own activities and by supporting the activities organised by other institutions and organisations. In this context, we carried out the cleaning of the beach belonging to our hotel with our teammates every year.
    • In the mini club, we organise activities on recycling and waste separation with our child guests.

    Feeding the Fish

    The leftover bread in our facility is separated daily and used to feed the fish at our pier.


    Watermelon Rinds and Leftover Bread

    In our hotel, a lot of watermelon rinds are produced as waste every day. By allocating watermelon rinds and leftover bread to the relatives of our staff who make their living from animal husbandry, we have enabled these people to feed their animals and thus benefit economically.



    Detailed information is provided to our guests and employees through our Guest Relations Department and our Instagram account about the natural, historical, touristic, archaeological richness, traditions and customs of the locations where our hotel is located, local people and local characteristics, excursions, sportive and cultural activities, transportation, etc.

    • Alanya Castle
    • Kizilkule
    • Shipyard
    • Damlatas Cave
    • Dim Cave
    • Cleopatra Beach
    • Side Ancient City
    • Aspendos
    • Manavgat Waterfall
    • Alanya Archaeological Museum
    • Alanya Cable Car


    We offer our guests local dishes in our buffet. At the Turkish night, we try to make all the dishes specific to our country in our evening buffet. We offer dishes and desserts such as Gülüklü Soup, Göleviz Dish, Avocado Salad, Öksüz Halva, Dragon Fruit dessert, Citrus Jam etc. to our guests.



    As ARIA RESORT & SPA HOTEL, we do not forget our animal friends who choose our hotel as a home. We feed the cats and dogs living in our hotel and make sure that they live in safe homes by adopting the puppies of those who have already given birth.


    Our beach is one of the Caretta Caretta nesting areas. Between 1 May – 1 October, the following warnings are made to help us protect sea turtles during the breeding season. In addition, nesting sites are surrounded by cages.

    • Do not carry sunbeds etc. close to the spawning area of sea turtles, do not dig the sand.
    • Do not throw plastic bottles and bags on the beach, do not leave things at night.
    • Do not disturb nesting sea turtles, do not pick up baby sea turtles.
    • Do not light a light or fire on the beach at night.


    In our hotel, there are date, lemon, orange, dragon fruit, tangerine, banana, kumquat, olive, vine, mulberry, avocado and pomegranate trees and decorate our hotel with their fruits. We also use these fruits and vegetables in our buffets.